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ECU (LTCC-HTCC-organic), high density substrates, packages for LED, AMB power substrates, ceramic packages, high power connectors for hybrid/electrical cars, piezoelectric products, pressure sensors diaphragms, converters, HUF/TFT displays, camera modules, hermetic gear boxes, airbag igniters,
heat spreaders,
infotainment modules, OEM/ODM head unit CPU boards, cluster and display modules


Connectors (GPO-GPPO-Nano..)
Hybrid packages
Hermetic packages (ceramic/metallic) with ceramic and glass to metal feedthroughs
Non hermetic packages (plastic)
LTCC/HTCC modules
MW technology,
T/R modules (miniaturized/integrated)
Digital Receiver/Exciter (DREX)
Wide Band LNAs
Synthetizers/Frequency Converters


Pressure, gas and flow sensors – pressure transducers – pressure switches – sensors feedthroughs – humidity sensors
Sensors assembly – sensors packages (metallic, plastic, ceramic),
Covers for Li batteries
Si dies; hermetic housing for sensors in medical equipment