Clusters (step motors for speedometer/rpm, gas-oil indicators)
Engine Control Unit (in thick film and HTCC)
Air bags ignitors
Infotainment modules (motherboards and complete unit)
Lambda sensors (PT ceramic heaters)
TPMS (pressure transducers)
HVAC (pressure transducers, connectors, expansion valves)
Hybrid car inverters (Si3N4 substrates, sinter glues)
Remote camera (hermetic packages, seethrough lids, modules)


Packaging solutions for TX/RX front end
RF systems up to 60-70 GH
Optical solutions up to 100 Gbit
(Packages, substrates, modules, design, thermal glues and insulators, assembly)


Photovoltaic modules (Ag and Al pastes)
Heaters (through thick film paste systems – also in tape)
Pressure sensors for blood pressure monitoring (direct and indirect)
Pressure transducers for anhestesia/dialysis
Modules to detect respiration and heart beat (non invasive)
Energy (oil pipes) pressure monitoring (packaging)
Mercure replacement in pressure sensors (high temperature hermetic packages)
Probe cards interposers (fine pitch substrates)
HVAC (pressure transducers)


Phase Array Radars for naval and terrestrial use (TR/TX/RX modules in HTCC/LTCC)
Satellites (ceramic miniaturized TR modules, sinter glues, LTCC hybrid substrates, glass to metal seal hermetic packages, plastic packages, GPO/GPPO/Nano connectors in various shapes.
High visibility modules for jet fighter cockpits
Guide systems for missiles (LTCC/HTCC modules, hermetic packages, joint design)